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20 Years of Extraordinary Fiber Laser Cutting Solutions
banner-global exhibition tour in 2022 of Glorystar Laser, the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer
2-Ns series
NS Series
Full Servo Control

Multiple Exchange Modes

Extreme Thickness Cutting

Bed Structure Super Bearing Capacity



GS-CE Series
World-class Super Dust Remover System

Unique Anti-collision Dection

Adaptive Multi-angle Placement

High-speed Split Drag Chain and Cable



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Welcome to Glorystar Laser

We are the leading fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer in China, supplying fiber laser cutting machines for sheet metal fabrication and metal parts manufacturing to the global market. With over 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience, we can provide the most advanced fiber laser cutting machine with full certification and service.

Glorystar Laser, the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier for sheet metal fabrication and metal parts manufacturing

What we offer

Laser equipment of built for maximum productivity and meeting all customer budgets and expectations. 

What are you looking for?

Tell us your demand and your extraordinary laser application solution will start here!

Your best laser cutting solution provider

Our fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for your business

Suit your business

We have many years of application experience and understand your needs better. We will recommend the most suitable model after an in-depth understanding of your metal processing project and business needs, meeting all your expectations.

Price you can afford

We will provide you with high-quality laser cutting machines at reasonable and affordable prices. Buying our fiber laser cutting machines does not require high prices.

Get into production quickly

Our fiber laser cutter machines have the advantage of being adjustment-free, which means that you will be in production in a short time without long waits.

cost-effective metal laser cutting machine for sale

Quick and visible return on investment

Delivering fast, accurate and consistent cuts for metal, our worthwhile fiber laser cutting machine allows you to improve your production efficiency, process more orders and be more profitable than ever.

Our fiber laser cutting machine is stable with almost no downtime

Almost no downtime

The stable performance of the machine makes it possible to keep long-time stable running, ensuring you maintain the production schedule to meet customers' deliveries.

Our fiber laser cutting machine is easy to use

Simplicity you need

Our fiber laser cutter is easy to learn and to operate with an intuitive user interface. It is an ideal choice for both beginners and professional users.

Your innovation-focused partner

For more than 20 years since the company was established, we have never stopped technological innovation and product improvement with huge capital investment every year.  So far, we have accumulated nearly 200 patents.

As the market leader in fiber laser cutting machine innovation, we are always committed to developing the best laser technology to help you achieve the best cutting possible.

Our company has more than 200 experienced and skilled technicians with many years of application experience and expertise in fiber laser cutting machines. They can provide you with better laser-cutting solutions to help you use fiber laser cutting machines and create higher productivity.

R & D Center of Glorystar Laser, the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier
Quality Control and testing--Glorystar Laser

Consistent quality & Reliable supply

We have established 139 strict production testing procedures, and every machine production process is under strict quality control with the world’s top testing equipment. You can rest assured that we always maintain quality and standards throughout production, ensuring that we provide you with consistent quality, the most stable, and efficient fiber laser cutting machine.

We only cooperate with trusted suppliers, a strong and well-established supply chain ensures that we can deliver your products on time and help you start production as soon as possible, so you don’t need to worry about your production schedule being affected.

We have the ability to manufacture and supply 1000-40000W fiber laser cutting machines. No matter what kind of metal materials you need to cut, we can always satisfy your need.

Why choose us?

  • As a professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer & supplier with over 20 years of manufacturing and application experience, we are delighted that we have provided a one-stop laser cutting solution for various industries worldwide. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians are ready to support you, provide you with a suitable customized fiber laser cutting machine and satisfy your needs.
  • We have always been proud of our excellent machine quality, which is the key for customers to choose us. Our 139 strict production inspection procedures set a new standard for the quality of fiber laser cutting machines, ensuring the machine’s long-time and stable running and reducing your downtime.
  •  We stick to the combination of products and services and do our best to provide you with fast and professional customer service, which often impresses our customers. We are confident we will help you and solve problems promptly! Not only that, but we also have built several partnerships worldwide and are looking for more to serve you better!
Applications of Medium and Low Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Applications of Medium and High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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