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2000W Laser Welding Machine | GW-2000H

Laser Source: Fiber Laser

Power: 2KW

Uses: For welding various metals and alloys, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, etc., from 0.5mm to 6mm thick

Warranty: 1 Year



Laser Power


Laser Type

Continuous Fiber Laser (Wavelength: 1064nm)

Fiber Cable Length

10m (32′9.8″, customizable)

Applicable Weld Wire Diameter

0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm

(0.03″, 0.04″, 0.05″, 0.06″, 0.08″)

Spot Adjustable Range


Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Auxiliary Gas

Nitrogen/Argon/Argon+carbon dioxide mixture

Working Voltage


Overall Dimension


(39.38*25.6*43.31 inches)


Accessories Included

Laser Protective Goggles
Protective Lenses
Various Types of Nozzles



Stainless Steel



Carbon Steel



Galvanized Sheet






2000W laser welding machine can be used for welding thicker metals and larger scale welding projects.

It provides high working efficiency and high-quality results.

Sheet metal fabrication, automotive components manufacturing, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, electronic and electrical equipment manufacturing, construction, oil and gas industries, metal furniture, metal doors, metal windows and other fields can benefit from it.

Product advantages

  • High Welding Speed:
    The welding speed and efficiency is 4-10 times faster than traditional welding methods, it can help you save time and at least 2 welders a year

  • High Welding Quality:
    2KW power output, large welding penetration depth for high-strength welding, once forming beautiful and firm welding seam; auto wire feeder, support additive welding for higher welding strength and quality

  • Easy to Use:

    Intuitive control interface, simple operation flow, easy setup and adjustment of various welding parameters, user-friendly, inexperienced person can easily get started after a simple training

  • Cost-saving:
    Saving use costs, maintenance costs and labor costs thanks to its advantages of fewer consumables required, long lifetime and easy to use

  • Safety:
    With laser-specific protective goggles, reducing the harm of laser radiation

handheld laser welding machine opening

Latest Fiber Laser Souce

  • High beam quality for precise welding results
  • Stable and reliable, long lifetime, integrated water cooling system to reduce the temperature for more stable operating
  • High energy conversion efficiency, reducing energy waste and saving costs
  • Maintenance-free

Wobble Welding Head

The wobble head allows for adjusting the spot width, wobble frequency and amplitude, which helps to avoid uniform welding and overheating deformation. It also increases the welding width, thereby improving welding efficiency, quality, and aesthetics.

handheld laser welder head
portable laser welding machine

Portable and Flexible

  • Small and portable, with universal casters, easy to move, you can move anywhere you want
  • The fiber optic cable is 10 meters long and can be customized to different lengths for long distance operation, convenient and flexible to operate

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