exhibitions retrospect and expectations of Glorystar 2023 globally

Glorystar’s 2023 Global Tour Highlights Retrospect and Expectations

2023, a year of industrial resurgence! Glorystar, a global laser powerhouse, took center stage in the world’s grand return to prosperity. Offline trade across various sectors is back to normal, injecting confidence and vigor into the global economy. In this dynamic moment, Glorystar, known for its laser expertise, embarked on a global tour in 2023. Glorystar showcases the latest laser tech and upgraded products worldwide on the exhibitions. Across continents, Glorystar played a vital role in the world’s industrial recovery. In today’s sharing, we will know the 2023’s achievemets and exhibitions retropect and expectations for 2024’s development. 

Now, let’s take a look back at the series of significant exhibitions Glorystar participated in during witnessing this journey full of innovation and collaboration.

Exhibitions Retrospect and Expectations in 2023

Achievements and Exhibitions Retrospect in 2023

Reflecting on the remarkable 2023 journey, Glorystar stayed true to its mission, “Laser Technology Makes the World Better.” They consistently innovated, earning recognition as a specialized emerging enterprise and securing a spot in the 2024 Guangdong Advanced Manufacturing Development Special Fund. Their intensified R&D efforts led to over 20 intellectual property patents. The highlight was the global launch of the 80000-watt 12-meter dual-platform laser cutting machine, sparking a surge in domestic and international orders.

Glorystar cooperates with CSCEC to create a bright future

Throughout the year, Glorystar actively joined 13 industry-leading exhibitions across 13 countries, fostering over 10,000 partnership intentions. Engaging nearly 300,000 exhibition attendees, Glorystar expanded into 16 new overseas regions, hosting over 200 batches of VIP clients, totaling more than 3800 individuals. Collaborations with benchmark clients, like China Construction Science and Industry, strengthened vital national industries. Notably, the customer satisfaction rate reached 97%, with 2023 sales showing a continuous 32% YoY growth.

Expectations and Regulations for 2024

Looking ahead to the promising future of 2024, Glorystar remains committed to its mission. To enhance global service, Glorystar plans to participate in 14 overseas and 6 domestic industry exhibitions. The company anticipates sustained innovation in 2024, with a focus on increased R&D efforts. A conference showcasing an 85,000-watt laser is on the agenda, as Glorystar continues its journey to create a brighter future for laser intelligent manufacturing.

In 2024, Glorystar is gearing up for an amazing journey ahead! We’ll join forces, set sail with determination, ride the waves of momentum, and step into a brand-new chapter of 2024. Exciting times await, full of possibilities and triumphs!

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