3000W Laser Welding Machine | Glorystar Laser

3000W Laser Welding Machine | GW-3000H

Laser Source: Fiber Laser

Power: 3KW

Uses: For welding various metals and alloys, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, etc., from 0.5mm to 8mm thick

Warranty: 1 Year



Laser Power


Laser Type

Continuous Fiber Laser (Wavelength: 1064nm)

Fiber Cable Length

10m (32′9.8″, customizable)

Applicable Weld Wire Diameter

0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm

(0.03″, 0.04″, 0.05″, 0.06″, 0.08″)

Spot Adjustable Range


Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Auxiliary Gas

Nitrogen/Argon/Argon+carbon dioxide mixture

Working Voltage


Overall Dimension


(39.38*25.6*43.31 inches)


Accessories Included

Laser Protective Goggles
Protective Lenses
Various Types of Nozzles



Stainless Steel

1-8mm (3/64-5/16″)

Carbon Steel

1-8mm (3/64-5/16″)

Galvanized Sheet

1-8mm (3/64-5/16″)


1-5mm (3/64-13/64″)

3000W laser welding machine is a kind of high power laser welding equipment. Compared to other lower power machines, it has a wider range of applications.

It can be used in almost any fields that need thicker metals, large-scale, efficient and high-quality welding. These fields include but not limited to

  • Automotive manufacturing, such as car body structures, body components, and chassis components
  • Aerospace and aviation industry, such as aengine and other parts
  • Steel structure construction, such as bridges, factories, and high-rise buildings
  • Heavy machinery manufacturing


Product advantages

  • Your Best Welding Solution
    Perfect match your large-scale or complex pieces welding needs, high working efficiency, low rate of defective products

  • Fast Welding Speed
    3000W fiber laser, high power output, delivering high welding speed that you can complete more welding tasks in a shorter time, greatly increasing throughput

  • High Welding Accuracy and Quality
    Accurate fiber laser technology, with focused and steady energy, small thermal deformation; 3KW power output, deeper weld penetration, high welding strength, high welding quality, resulting in beautiful, strong and durable welds

  • Simple Operation:

    User-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, easy to use, saving labor costs

  • Cost-saving:
    Only using the laser itself, fewer consumables required, low use costs; long service lifetime of the machine and components, maintenance-free, low replacement costs, low maintenance costs

  • Environmentally-friendly and Safe:
    Less sparks and dust, reducing pollution, and the laser radiation is small, providing a clean and safe working environment

handheld laser welder head

Wobble Welding Head

  • 6 wobble modes, adjustable spot width, wobble frequency and amplitude to increase the welding width, more easier to form welds, improving welding efficiency and quality
  • Equally friendly to welding high-reflective materials, dissimilar materials, and materials prone to defects, overcome specific welding challenges for these materials and deliver consistent high-quality results

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laser welding samples

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