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Each Cut Brings You Higher Efficiency

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Cut Faster

We supply the fastest fiber laser cutting system on the market. With 30-80KW laser, it can run your production line at an unexpected speed. So, you can get your orders done faster.

Deliver Faster

With our mahine, you can deliver the products to your customers quickly, making them satisfied and giving you an edge in the market.

Satisfying Results Meets High Efficiency

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Precise Cutting

Our 30-80KW High Power Laser Cutter not only speeds up your production, but also cuts with exceptional precision

High-quality Results

Each cut is done with absolute accuracy to ensure flat seams and a smooth surface, adding higher value to your products.

Get Greater Profits with Our Machine

Thanks to our machine's high-precision cutting, your raw materials will be fully utilized, this directly minimizes waste.

Additionally, the machine works fast, cutting down your production time. That means lower costs and more profits for you.

No Plate Too Thick to Cut

30000W laser high-quality cutting result
  • With strong power output, our 30-80kw laser cutter can help you easily cut through thicker metals. Thickness is no longer a limit!
  • Whether you need to cut carbon steel, stainless steel or reflective metals like alumimum, brass and copper, it is quick and accurate in every cut. If you have complex parts to cut, it excels at that too.

20 Years of Stability Guaranteed

30-80kw high power laser cutter machine bed with double support design

Double Support Welded Bed

Our machine has a strong and stable bed design with double support.

Even if you need to cut thick materials for a long time, it can maintain high load-bearing capacity unchanged for 20 years, ensuring consistent accuracy and quality in your production.

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Free sample cutting service is available. Reach out to us today! Explore our service and experience superior solutions exceeding expectations.


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