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Automatic Laser Cutting Machines
Reliable Automatic Laser Cutting Solution

Laser Cutting Machines

Our machines are designed for maximum productivity. With innovative fiber technology, they deliver fast, accurate and consistent cuts for exceptional productivity and efficiency.

super high power fiber laser cutting machine

super high speed laser cutting Machine 15000-40000W

What Automatic Functions We Offer

Our laser machines are also designed for automation. With the following automatic functions, you can benefit from less labor cost, shorter production cycle and higher cutting quality

automatic focusing

Auto Focusing

automatic exchange table

Auto Exchange Table

automatic loading and unloading

Auto Load & Unload

automatic edge finding

Auto Edge Finding

automatic dust removal

Auto Dust Removal

Automatic lubrication

Auto Lubrication

Automatic Solution For Metal Sheets Cutting

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Automatic Solution For Tubes Cutting

Build Your Industry 4.0 Smart Factory

We integrate laser cutting machines with the concept of Industry 4.0, providing you with innovative smart manufacturing solutions. You will benefit from

  • Automated Production Process, Unmanned Operation
  • Improve Productivity, Shorten Lead Times
  • Save Time, Effort and Labor Cost

Bring in our automatic laser cutting machine now and step into the future of smart manufacturing!

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