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Bending machine

Bending Machine

Our bending machines are designed for high quality and efficiency, and your ideal solution will start here! We offer comprehensive solutions to fit your materials processing needs, including fully automatic hig speed panel bender and CNC hydraulic bender. You can use them to support your materials processing business. Each bending technology has a variety of options to suit your specific application.

Bending Machines For Sale

Fully Automatic High-Speed Panel Bender

GB-A1500 fully automatic Panel Bender represents the latest benchmark for high-precision and efficient panel bending processing. This equipment has advanced and reasonable structural design and has excellent technical parameters and performance.

It adopts a self-developed special system for bending center, as well as high-precision reducer, ball screw and linear guide drive, and is equipped with high-performance servo motor to achieve Automated bending.

Whether it is processing arc, dead edge, return, closed or other complex sheet metal bending requirements, GB-A1500 can easily handle it, greatly improving production efficiency while reducing production costs.

GB Series CNC Hydraulic Bending Machine

GB Series is a fine precision and high-efficiency plate bending processing equipment with 55 to 240 tons available tonnage capacities.

GB series CNC bending machine is controlled by CNC system. According to the requirements of sheet metal processing, through programming, parts of different sizes and shapes, and curves of any shape can be automatically processed, and some special sheet metal processing techniques can also be completed. This kind of bender is:

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