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CO2 Laser Marking Machine 15-55W | GM-C Series

If you wish to quickly and accurately mark product names, production dates, batch numbers, barcodes, serial numbers, and other information on your products that made of non-metal materials like fabric, wood, leather, rubber, plastic, glass, and more, this CO2 laser marking machine is the most economical and reliable solution available.

The same holds true if you want to bring your creative ideas to life on crafts made from these materials.

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Using our machine, you can effortlessly make precise markings on your products, almost no errors.



This laser marker is powered by affordable co2 laser. It won't burden your budget significantly and you will get a cost-effective marking solution.



The laser output is stable, it hardly causes trouble when you need it most. If you need it to work continuously for a long time, you can rely on it.

Revolutionize Marking Efficiency

Our machine uses high-speed galvanometer scanning technology. It marks at an incredible speed of up to 5000 mm/s. 

Even for mass marking, you no longer have to worry about production and delivery delays due to slow marking speed.

fiber laser marking machine with stable performance
co2 laser marking sample

Creative Marking Made Easy

From importing the text or graphics you want to mark, to turning your creative ideas into reality, it only takes a few simple steps.

All done within an intuitive computer interface, just like using commonly used software.

easy to use

Available for Various Non-metals

co2 laser marker is available for various non-metals

Technical Parameters



Laser Type


Laser Power

15-55W Optional

Max. Marking Speed


Marking Range


Min.Line Width


Min.Character Size






co2 laser marking machine right side

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