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About Price and Payment

How much does a fiber laser cutting machine for sale?

The cost and price of a fiber laser cutting machine depend on power, working area, model, and configuration. The thicker the material needs to be cut, the higher power is needed, and the higher the price.

You can tell us the material you need to process, your budget and other needs, we will refer you the best laser application solution that meet your budget and performance expectations.

What are your payment options?

Generally, we will take 30% down-payment and then start to produce your order. After the machine is finished production, you need to pay the remaining 70% of the cost, and then we will ship the machine to your factory.

For the specific payment method, you can discuss with our business manager. Contact us now!

About After-sales Service

How about the installation for machine?

We can arrange door-to-door installation services, or arrange local service providers to install on-site, as well as experienced technicians for installation guidance.

How about the training for machine?

We will arrange for an experienced technician to provide training and guidance.

The training will cover, but is not limited to, basic operation of the control system, equipment startup and shutdown procedures, laser processing parameter adjustments, routine maintenance and upkeep of the equipment, skills for replacing basic accessories such as consumables, and basic troubleshooting methods.

What technical support do you offer?

We provide lifelong technical consultation and support for each machine, if you encounter any problems, you can always ask us for help.

Do you have any warranty on your product?

We provide 1-yr warranty and lifetime repair for all machines. The repair out of warranty will cost.

What happens if our machine is broken after I buy the machine?

Don’t worry, just contact us, our skilled technical will help you analyze and solve the errors, assist you in restoring operations as soon as possible.

The repair service process is as following:

repair service process

About Product

What kind of fiber laser source you are using for your fiber laser cutting machine?

For fiber laser sources, we provide four brands of lasers for you to choose from, namely IPG, Raycus, Max and Glorystar.

With more than 20 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of laser cutting machines, we independently developed the Glorystar laser, which has the advantages of optical conversion rate up to 30%, energy saving, good beam quality, long service life, maintenance-free, etc.

How to choose the fiber laser cutting machine power?

Different power levels are capable of cutting different thicknesses effectively. Higher power lasers are generally better suited for thicker materials, while lower power lasers can handle thinner materials.

Besides, if you have high cutting speed requirements, you may need a higher power laser. And higher power laser also helps to improve the cutting quality.

What type of materials are your machines used for?

Our fiber laser cutting machine can be used for precisely cutting all kinds of metals, such as Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Alloy Steel, Galvanized Steel, Titanium, Nickel Alloys, etc.

The fiber laser cutting machine can cut highly reflective materials or not? Which are highly reflective materials?

Cutting highly reflective materials can be a challenge for other cutting methods, but fiber laser cutting machines can efficiently cut highly reflective metals with high power and focused beam. These highly reflective metals are gold, silver, brass, copper, aluminum alloys, and so on. If you have other questions about cutting materials, welcome to leave a message and consult us. We are glad to serve you.

How thick can your fiber laser cutting machine cut?

We provide fiber laser cutting machines from 1kw to 80,000w, and the maximum cutting thickness can reach 100mm and more

About Us

What are the benefits of Glorystar Laser that set them apart from competitors?

We never compromise on product quality. To ensure this, we have created 339 unique quality inspection procedures in the industry to strictly control the quality of our machines.

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