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High Speed and Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Sale

Cutting Thickness: 0.5mm-100mm

Power: 1000W-40000W

Be good at cutting aluminum, stainless steel (SS), carbon steel (CS), iron, galvanized steel, titanium, brass, copper, etc

Medium and High Power

Low to Medium Power

Diameter: φ10mm-φ520mm

Length: up to 12m

Be good at cutting round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, I-beam, channel steel, etc.

We utilize the latest cutting-edge technology to produce the best cnc fiber laser cutting machine, ensuring the cutting speed and accuracy at the same time. You can rely on our high speed and precision fiber laser cutting machines for fast and precise metal cutting to quickly make unparalleled workpieces with superior edge quality and to be more efficient than ever. 

We provide a free proofing service and take the video to show you the cutting effect and eliminate your doubts.

What can the fiber laser cutting machine do?

Our cnc fiber laser cutting machines can cut both regular and highly reflective metals, including aluminum, stainless steel (SS), carbon steel (CS), iron, galvanized steel, titanium, brass, copper, etc. And you don’t need to worry about damaging the laser cutter with back reflections!

Companies from various industries such as Aerospace, Energy, Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Metal Processing, Decoration, Advertising, Kitchenware & Bathroom, Home Appliances, Fitness Equipment, Display Props, Elevator, Transportation, Automobile Manufacturing, Construction Machinery, Mechanical cabinets, etc., can use the fiber optic laser cutter for sheet metal fabrication and customized metal parts manufacturing. 

cutting case of sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

Power options of fiber laser cutting machine

The thicker the metal material that needs to be cut, the higher the power for the fiber laser cutting machine required. Our small size to large format fiber laser cutting machines offer power options from 1000W to 40000W, the popular powers mainly are 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3OOOW, 4000W, 6000W, 8000W, 10000W, 12000W, 15000W, 20000W, 30000W,40000W. Our cnc fiber laser cutting machine will be your  best fiber optic laser cutter to process any metal sheet of any thickness you need to cut.

How about the price and cost of the fiber laser cutting machine?

When it comes to the price and cost of fiber laser cutting machines, it mainly includes purchasing cost, operating cost and maintenance cost; they are all at low price and cost, meeting your budget and expectations.

We offer fiber laser cutting machines for metal cutting at an affordable price. With our fiber laser cutting machine, you can create maximum productivity with minimum investment, it brings you the most economical and efficient one-stop laser cutting solution.

With our fiber laser cutting machine, you will be in production in a short time as it is adjustment-free. The operation costs, including electricity, gas and spare parts, are low. A proprietary intelligent maintenance system and stable performance make the machine maintenance-free. You will benefit from low operation cost and maintenance cost.


Get cost-effective laser cutting solution!

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