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Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine 20-100W | GM-F Series

This fiber laser marking machine will be your ideal solution if you need to add permanent markings to your metal parts or products for purposes like product identification, product tracking, brand labeling, and anti-counterfeiting. 

As a benefit, it delivers fast marking speed and perfect marks with stunning contrast and durability, helping you improve production efficiency and ensure quality.

What can you do with our machine?

Our fiber laser marking machine uses optical fiber as the laser source. The laser beam it emits can be absorbed by almost all metals. With our machine, you can create labels, QR codes, serial numbers, barcodes, logos, text, images, etc., on the surface of your any metal product.

01 Fast
With high peak power, our machine works at an amazing speed of 7000mm/s. Even if facing emergent or a large number of mark tasks, it can easily handle them.
02 Precise
Thanks to its narrow laser pulse width and high marking accuracy, it can provide you precise and high-resolution results for your application, so that the marks are easy to read and scan.
03 Cost-saving
It does not require any consumables, you only need to pay the electricity.
04 Easy
Fully computer controlled with an intuitive operating interface, using our machine is as easy as breathing
05 Stable
Our machine performs stable, and it can be used for a long time without frequent maintenance, helping to maintain your production schedule
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Features & Benefits

Check out the features of our machine, it will be the best fiber laser marking machine you’ve been waiting for! 

Technical Parameters



Laser Type


Laser Power

20-100W Optional

Max. Marking Speed


Marking Range


Min.Line Width


Min.Character Size






fiber laser marking machine

Witness Our Marking Quality

fiber laser marking sample

Available for All Metals

Our fiber laser marking machine is designed for marking metals, these metals include but not limited to stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver. 

In one sentence, it can help you complete the marking task on all metals including precious metals.

Efficient assistant in various industries

Our fiber laser marking machines are suitable for almost all industries that need to mark metal items, such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, 3C electronics, medical equipment, hardware, jewelry industry, etc. It is an efficient assistant in various industries to ensure product identification and safety.

Hardware industry

Hardware Industry

Hardware Tools

Medical Equipment

Surgical Instruments

jewelry industry

Jewelry Industry


3C electronics industry

3C Electronics industry


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