Heavy-duty Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine NS-HG Series

NS-HG Heavy-duty
Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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Maximum Productivity: Even For XXL Tubes

heavy-duty tube laser cutting machine, even for xxl tube

Bevel Cutting Up to


on Tubes

For Tubes Up to


in Diameter

For Tubes Up to


in Weight

For Tubes Up to


in Length

*No need to process such large tubes? Click for other machines

Bevel Cutting: Simplify Your Production

3D heavy-duty tube laser cutter for beveling cutting

Intelligent swing cutting head, can cut bevels less than 45°, convenient for pipe splicing and welding, easy to various complex parts

Cut multiple surfaces at once, saving processing steps and time in your production

Parts can fit together, reducing the number of components and costs for you

bevel cutting sample
bevel cutting sample
bevel cutting sample
bevel cutting sample

0 Tailing Cutting: Maximize Material Saving

0 Waste Cutting

Allow you to cut tubes without leaving any tailings, this means there's almost no material left unused

Cut Costs for You

Only require three chucks for 0 waste cutting feature, unlike other brands that require four or more. This helps optimize your production with precision and economy

Make Your Production Effortless and More Efficient

automatic loading and unloading heavy-duty tube laser cutter

Auto Loading and Unloading

Your team won’t have to deal with heavy and tedious manual tasks. This makes your production easy and simple, greatly boosting efficiency.

Moreover, it ensures consistent operations, minimizes downtime, and gets your projects done efficiently.

Superior Features to Empower Your Production

High-quality Side-Mounted Chucks

High-quality Chucks

  • High precision of clamping, strong holding power, ensures precision cutting

  • Low failure rate, reduce downtime and maintenance cost, improve productivity for you

High-strength Cage-type Welded Bed

  • Precision-made with 600° high-temperature annealing and gantry milling

  • Stable, unchanged, durable, long lifespan, high performance cutting

NAVSTAR Three-chuck Heavy-duty Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters



Laser Power


Max. Length of Tube


Cutting Capacity of Round Tube


Cutting Capacity of Square Tube


Max. Single Tube Weight Capacity


Max. Chuck Rotating Speed


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