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Glorystar Welcomes A New Client Partner: CSCEC Science and Industry

As China’s largest steel construction group, CSCEC Science and Industry has long been well-known for specializing in projects that are ‘the high-tech, large, new, cutting-edge, special, and heavy’ projects. With the increasing complexity and scale of projects, CSCEC Science and Industry is actively seeking more suitable intelligent production equipment to meet these evolving needs. After frequent communication from Glorystar, "A decisive factor for us when purchasing the machine was that its high-quality cutting and highly automated," says the procurement manager.

CSCEC Science and Industry

CSCEC Science and Industry (formerly known as CSCEC Steel) is China’s largest steel-structure group, national-level high-tech company, belonging to the Fortune Global 500 company, CSCEC. Specializing in engineering projects with steel structures, they offer clients comprehensive “investment + construction + operation” solutions. They are well-known for their specialization in 'the high-tech, large, new, cutting-edge, special, and heavy' projects.

Challenges in Processing Heavy-duty Tubes and Thick Sheets

Mr. Wang, Purchasing Manager, said, “The previous equipment had problems in cutting efficiency, precision, and adaptability, particularly in the processing of sheet and pipe materials (H-type). Low efficiency in sheet processing, inadequate precision in pipe cutting, poor adaptability of equipment, and high energy consumption and maintenance costs have become challenges for us. These challenges demand that we find an innovative solution to ensure that our production line can be more flexible and efficient in meeting the constantly changing market demands.”


Innovative Solutions for CSCEC

1. NS-12050HG three-chuck heavy-duty tube fiber laser cutting machine

An advanced solution specifically designed for heavy-duty tube cutting – efficient, precise, and flexible

2. GS-L Gantry-type Fiber Laser Metal Sheet Cutting Machine

Stable Processing of Thick Plates – The Batch production tool

Glorystar Single Table Gantry Type  Metal Laser Cutting Machine GS-L Series



bevel cutting



In summary, these two machines excel in speed, accuracy, and flexibility, perfectly meeting CSCEC’s needs. This ensures CSCEC can boost efficiency, cut costs, and stay ahead. The introduction of Glorystar equipment signifies CSCEC’s commitment to technological upgrades, and we believe it’ll significantly benefit CSCEC’s growth. Whether it’s efficient production, precision, or adapting to market changes, Glorystar’s solutions will be your reliable helper in metal processing.

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