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Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine For Rust, Coating, Plating, Paint, Oil, Dirt, Resin Removal 1000, 1500, 2000W | GC-H Series

Handheld laser cleaning machine, also called portable laser cleaner, provides a new generation of surface cleaning solution to remove rust, coating, plating, paint, oil, dirt, resin, etc., from the surface of objects.

Its lightweight handheld cleaning head offers an easy way to remove waste for long-time operation.

advantages of glorystar handheld laser cleaner



Cleaning width up to 300mm, high cleaning efficiency, saving your time


Excellent Cleaning Results

Non-contact cleaning, no damage to the substrate, can quickly remove those annoying flaws to make the parts look brand new, no need to waste money for a new one



No consumables, only using the laser itself, saving your use cost; the laser cleaning system is stable, maintenance-free, saving your maintenance cost

high precision

Precise Cleaning

Support selective cleaning with precision in both location and size; 360-degree cleaning, reaching narrow areas of the component

easy to use

Easy to Use

Just powering on and gas connection to use. Even beginners can easily make contaminants gone. It can also work with a robot for automated cleaning, helping to reduce manual fatigue and cost.

safe and environmentally friendly


No chemical cleaning fluid required, pollution-free, safe and environmetal-friendly

Your ultimate Laser Cleaning Solution

Our handheld laser cleaning machine offers a fast and thorough laser cleaning solution, it can help you restore your parts to save money.

It applies to multiple scenarios, such as mold cleaning, paint stripping or coating removal,pre-treatment of parts before spraying, aerospace component cleaning, oxides removal, pre-treatment before soldering or welding, and more.

Stop wasting money now and get your parts looking like new with our handheld laser cleaners today!

Upgraded Cleaning Head, Lightweight, Easy to Use and Safe Enough

The laser cleaning head is user-friendly, lightweight and easy to use, with a cleaning width of up to 300mm. It allows you to clean large, irregular workpieces flexibly. Besides, our handheld laser cleaning machine is equipped with a dual activation switch, effectively avoiding accidental touch and making the operation safer.

cleaing head of handheld laser cleaning machine

technical parameter





Supply voltage

220±10%V AC 50/60Hz

Working temperature


Working environment humidity

< 70%

Laser wavelength

1064nm (+10nm)

Whole machine power




Cooling way


Cleaning head placement environment

Flat, no vibration and no impact




D20 F400/F800


20*15.2 T1.6

Focus vertical adjustment range

± 10mm

Cleaned parts like new

cleaning sample 1
cleaning sample 2
cleaning sample 5
cleaning sample 3
cleaning sample 4

You Might Ask the Following Questions

We offer 1000w, 1500w, and 2000w handheld laser cleaning machines. Different power, different price of handheld laser cleaning machine. Please tell us your specific needs, and then we will give you more details and the handheld laser cleaning machine price.

Yes, it works very well. The hand-held laser cleaning machine adopts a non-contact cleaning process without damage to the substrate. The cleaning efficiency is high. Rust, coating, plating, paint, oil, dirt, etc., can be cleaned after almost one cleaning.

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