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Glorystar provides a wide-ranging and complete laser marking solution. Whether you need to mark metals or non-metals, you can find a solution that perfectly matches your application.

Custom Your Turnkey Laser Marking Solution

To meet various material and precision requirements for laser marking, we offer three options of laser marking machines for you to choose from. They are Fiber Laser Marking Machine, CO2 Laser Marking Machine, and UV Laser Marking Machine.

These machines not only provide a mark, but also deliver a solution that can withstand the time and environmental challenges, and ensure quality and traceability.

Tell us about your specific marking needs, and let us customize the most suitable laser marking solution for you.

Glorystar Laser Marking Machines

fiber laser marking machine front side

GM-F Series
Fiber Laser Marking Machine

20-100W Fiber Laser

The ideal metal marking solution that allows you to quickly create permanent markings on your metal products for identification and tracking

co2 laser marking machine left side

GM-C Series
CO2 Laser Marking Machine

15-55W CO2 Laser

The most economical and reliable non-metal marking solution for marking fabric, wood, leather, rubber, plastic, glass and more

uv laser marking machine right side

GM-U Series
UV Laser Marking Machine

3-15W UV Laser

The most precise marking solution , can achieve ultra-fine markings on small components and is suitable for the widest range of materials.

01 Permanent Mark
Our machines can provide permanent marking for your products.

The marks will remain intact throughout the entire lifecycle of the product, ensuring the traceability of your products.
02 Fastest Marker
Our machines have the ability for rapid marking.
Just place the product on the worktable, follow a few simple steps, and your product will receive precise marking in a short time.
You no longer have to worry about production delays due to inefficiency.
03 Cost-saver
Traditional marking methods use consumables like chemical solvents, this drives up your costs and risking worker safety.

In contrast, our laser marking machines don't need any consumables. They save you money and keep your workers safe.
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Features & Benefits

Check out the features of our laser markers, they will be the best laser marking machine you’ve been waiting for! 

Your Reliable Laser Marking Machine Supplier

your reliable laser marking machine manufacturer
laser marking machine in our factory

We have over 20 years of manufacturing and application experience in the laser marking machine field. We deeply understand the importance of mark quality, durability, and traceability for your business.

Whether you need to mark fine parts, trace product lifecycles, or enhance production line efficiency, we have the solutions. The solution will serve as your reliable partner, ensuring your product stands out in the market.

One-stop Laser Marking Solution

Don’t settle for ordinary marking methods. Consult our experts now and let us customize the best laser marking solution for you!

Laser Marking Show

Fiber Laser Marking Show

Fiber laser marking technology is mainly applied for metals. 

It allows you to create permanent markings like labels, QR codes, serial numbers, barcodes, logos, text, images, etc.,  on your metal parts or products. 

The solutions from fiber laser marking technology are always fast, precise, cost-effective, easy and stable. 

UV Laser Marking Show

UV laser marking technology offers the most precise and highest resolution marking solution. 

And it handles a wide range of materials, not only metals, but also non-metal materials like PCB, plastic, glass and so on.

These advantages are precisely due to its short wavelength.



Marking Applications

We invite you to delve into these real-world examples, see the technologies we use and how they bring challenging marking needs to life.

co2 laser marking sample

co2 laser marking ceramic

fiber laser marking metal

fiber laser marking metal

uv laser marking application in electronics industry


uv laser marking relay housing

uv laser marking relay housing

uv laser marking mobile phone charger

uv laser marking mobile phone charger

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