Dare to Surpass: Glorystar Laser Unveils the World's First 80,000w 12m Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine - Glorystar Laser

Dare to Surpass: Glorystar Laser Unveils the World’s First 80,000w 12m Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine

Global Debut

12m Exchange Table Laser Cutter

80000W Super Power 12m Exchangeable Table Laser Cutter sucessfully launched

On December 9th, Glorystar Laser showcased its groundbreaking 80,000-watt 12-meter dual-platform laser cutting machine at its production base in Henan (Sheqi, Nanyang, Henan). 

This successful product launch signifies a milestone in the industry, portraying Glorystar Laser as a witness to the forefront of global high-end intelligent manufacturing and a harbinger of technological empowerment for industrial development. It serves as a remarkable gift to the emerging global industry!

Reprentatives cut the red ribbon to celebrated the grand debut of the world's first 80,000-watt 12-meter dual-platform laser cutting machine.

"Elites Assebly: Glorystar Laser's Success with the World's First 80,000-Watt Dual-Platform Laser Cutting Machine"

The event, attended by industry experts, local government representatives, authoritative local media, leaders from Nanyang Institute of Technology, and elite customers, celebrated the grand debut of the world’s first 80,000-watt 12-meter dual-platform laser cutting machine, earning applause for Glorystar Laser’s exceptional industry achievement.

Elites gather in a room to witness the grand occasion of the conference.

"Innovative Odyssey: Glorystar Laser's Global Triumph in Multi-Kilowatt Laser Technology"

Chairman Yao Yudong shared Glorystar Laser’s journey in developing multi-kilowatt laser equipment, showcasing the company’s foresight eight years ago. In 2016, the company decisively focused on researching and innovating multi-kilowatt machines, with the first 15,000-watt laser equipment successfully landing in Dainan, Jiangsu, in 2017. 

Building on this foundation, Glorystar Laser continuously challenged itself, innovating in various aspects based on comprehensive market considerations. Over six years, they underwent five product iterations, upgrading the multi-kilowatt cutting process from version 1.0 to 4.0. The unique double support structure and independently developed environmental protection and dust removal system have been well-received, embodying Glorystar Laser’s commitment to ‘carbon neutrality’ and energy conservation.

Glorystar’s products are gaining strong brand recognition globally, and Glorystar becoming a leading brand in sales at exhibitions in Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, India, and other countries this year. Glorystar Laser maintains a leading position in multi-kilowatt laser technology globally, with products selling in 54 countries.

Glorystar's chairman deliever a speech of company's development, achievement and expectation for future.

"Revolutionizing Precision: Technical Marvels of the 80,000-Watt Laser Cutting Machine"

Technical Director Yin Huaihua provided a comprehensive explanation of the world’s first 80,000-watt 12-meter dual-platform laser cutting machine, emphasizing its significance beyond a simple power upgrade. Addressing demands for thicker, larger formats, stability, and faster cutting, Glorystar Laser’s latest patented applications and team wisdom have endowed this 80,000-watt machine with the best comprehensive performance, achieving revolutionary breakthroughs in cutting efficiency and cost control.

Technical Director Yin Huaihua provided a comprehensive explanation of the world's first 80,000-watt 12-meter dual-platform laser cutting machine

"Unveiling Brilliance: A Grand Celebration for the World's First 80,000-Watt Laser Cutting Machine"

The glorious ceremony witnessed the debut of the world’s first 80,000-watt 12-meter dual-platform laser cutting machine. Guests unveiled the ‘red cover’ for the new product, jointly cutting the ribbon for the 80,000-watt machine, each step filled with glory and blessings.

Guest and Glorystar's chairman unveiled the 'red cover' for the new product.

"Cutting-Edge Mastery: Showcasing Excellence in the 80,000-Watt Laser Cutting Process"

The grand celebration continued with a perfect presentation! Glorystar Laser’s Process Director, Mr. Wu Xiaolong, demonstrated and explained the cutting process of the 80,000-watt new product. The guests are in awe of impressive cutting speed, stable performance, excellent results, and exquisite craftsmanship, creating an unprecedented celebration of multi-kilowatt technology. Guests freely observed, exchanged ideas, and discussed multi-kilowatt processing technology and professional knowledge, pushing the atmosphere of the event to a climax.

Guests freely observed super multi-kilowatt processing technology.

"Pinnacle Partnerships: Glorystar Laser Secures Triumph Through On-the-Spot Agreements"

The celebration brought double joy as successful agreements were signed on the spot! Elite entrepreneurs from East China, after inspecting Glorystar Laser’s overall strength, confirmed their cooperation intentions and signed contracts, upholding the mission of ‘making the world a better place with laser technology.’ Glorystar Laser, with high-quality products and services for modern processing production, continues to create high-value returns for customers, contributing to the brilliant future of thousands of enterprises.

Glorystar's manager shake hands and take a photo with the signed customers.

"Pioneering the Future: Glorystar Laser's Decade-Long Journey and Vision for Innovation"

Riding the Tide of a New Era and Forging Ahead to Create the Future! Glorystar Laser has deeply cultivated the field of laser intelligent equipment for over a decade, specializing, focusing, and researching laser intelligent application solutions. The company’s technical strength in multi-kilowatt lasers and equipment delivery capabilities is widely recognized in the industry. In the future, we will actively respond to market changes and customer demands, continuously innovate, and join hands with like-minded partners to gallop towards the multi-kilowatt battle field!

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