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Open Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Thin Metal Sheets | GS-3015 | 1-3KW

GS-3015 is an OPEN TYPE FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE for cutting thin metal sheets, including stainless steelcarbon steel,  aluminumbrass, copper, or more.  It is ideal for small business who want to cut metals quickly and precisely.  Thanks to its open and single table design, it provides cost-effectiveness and great convenience, allowing for easier access to the workpiece, more convenient to load and unload materials. Now, this laser machine for sale at affordable price!

Technical Parameter



Working Area

3000*1500mm (5′x10′)

Laser Power


Positioning Precision


Repeat Positioning Precision


Max.Composite Positioning Speed

100m/min (328′/min)

Max Acceleration


Overall Dimension



Cutting Materials and Thickness

Stainless Steel1-5mm(3/64-13/64″)1-6mm(3/64-15/64″)1-8mm(3/64-5/16″)1-10mm(3/64-25/64″)



Carbon Steel




What’s your cutting project?

Tell us what kind of material you need to cut and how thick, and other demands, we will give you the best solution and help you succeed.

Advantages of Our Open Type Laser Cutting Machine

  • Design with speed and efficiency in mind, fast cutting speed, allow you to get more done in less time
  • High beam quality, precise motion control system, highly stable cutting head, high cutting accuracy, reducing additional finishing
  • Single working table, small size, space-saving; energy-saving, low operation and maintenance costs
  • Entry-level laser machine, easy to learn and operate, even for beginners

Simple and integrated design

Our fiber laser cutting machine boasts an integrated design. It is highly mobile and can be placed anywhere in a production workshop, regardless of spatial limitations. It is perfect for smaller businesses and workshops that may have limited workspace.

4 NEW GS 3015
high-rigidity welded bed frame

high-rigidity welded bed frame

Our machine’s bed is stress-relieved through high-temperature annealing and long-term storage, stable and high rigidity, helping it resist shaking and changing shape. Every cut is accurate and high-quality, making your final product the best it can be.

Auto-Focus, Collision-Protected Fiber Laser Cutting Head

Our fiber laser cutting head features auto-focus and collision protection, enhancing its reliability for varied applications. Its versatility allows effortless adjustment for different materials and thicknesses. And its durability and easy maintenance make it a cost-effective solution.

auto-focus cutting head

Cutting Samples

cutting 60mm carbon steel with laser metal cutting machine
brass cutting sample
stainless steel cutting sample

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