Máquina de corte a laser de metal de ultra-alta potência Série NS - Glorystar Laser

NAVSTAR Cover Exchanged Super High Power Metal Laser Cutting Machine 20000-40000W | NS Series

You might ask the following questions:

Why should I choose the high power laser cutting machine?

High power metal fiber laser cutting machines are suitable for cutting ultra-thick materials, the thicker the material being cut, the higher the power required. While using higher power levels for laser cutting, can achieve a variety of productivity and quality advantages, including an increased cutting range, increased cutting speed, increased cutting quality, better cutting effect, shorter time, and fewer costs.

Is it difficult to install the high power laser metal cutting machine?

Every high-power laser metal cutting machine has been optimized and tested before delivery. In addition, We will send some installation videos of the Ultra-high-power metal laser cutting machine to you. Any questions you have, please contact us.

How about the fiber laser metal cutting machine performance?

Our NS Series Ultra-high-power Metal Laser Cutting Machine is equipped with an industry-unique patented Double-layer Separated Machine Bed that avoids thermal radiation deformation during high-power processing and forces deformation when heavy loading with super bearing capacity, ensuring stable performance.

How about the cutting high power fiber metal laser cutting machine effects?

Generally speaking, the higher the laser power, the better the cutting effect. While proper laser power is selected, our NS Series Ultra-high-power Metal Laser Cutting Machine performs stably with patented Double Machine Bed Structure and has high precision that the whole machine is controlled by full servo, which ensures a better cutting effect.

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