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Jaminan Kualitas
Glorystar Laser telah membentuk 139 proses inspeksi produksi yang lebih tinggi dari standar industri dan berkomitmen untuk memproduksi mesin pemotongan laser yang paling stabil dan efisien, yang menjamin mesin pemotongan laser berjalan lama dan stabil.
Dukungan R&D
Pusat R&D Glorystar Laser memiliki lebih dari 200 karyawan yang sangat terampil dan berpengalaman. Glorystar Laser telah mengumpulkan hampir 200 paten, termasuk 17 paten penemuan. Kami mendukung Anda dengan keahlian dan pengalaman aplikasi selama bertahun-tahun, memenuhi kebutuhan Anda, dan menyediakan mesin khusus yang sesuai.
Layanan Penuh
Kami memiliki jenis solusi satu atap untuk membantu Anda menggunakan mesin pemotongan laser dan memberi Anda pengetahuan industri profesional. Selain itu, kami memiliki tim penjualan yang sangat baik, tim R&D, dan tim purna jual untuk mendukung yang tersedia, pastikan untuk menyelesaikan masalah Anda tepat waktu.

About Us

  • Over 20 years of laser cutting machines manufacturing experience
  • The earliest laser cutting machine manufacturer in China with CE. FDA, ISOand SGS certifications
  • One of the lasers cutting machine manufacturers was invited to participate in the formulation of quality and safety standards for laser cutting machines
  • The Italian R&D Center is composed of technicians from all over the world who have been engaged in the laser industry for 15 years
  • The only laser cutting machine manufacturer in China that has set up a factory in Dongguan, known as the world’s factory

Your Best Laser Application Solution Provider

  • As a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer, Glorystar Laser has provided laser application solutions and corresponding services from China for many global top brands.
  • We have provided optimal laser application solutions for many various industries around the world, such as Aerospace, Energy, Manufacturing, Shipping, Metal Processing, Advertising, Kitchenware&Bathroom, Home Appliances, Fitness Equipment, Display Props, and so on.
  • We manufacture and supply 1000-40000W fiber laser cutting machines to satisfy your diverse need for processing. Send your inquiry and we will give you the best laser application solution based on your business!

Types of Laser Cutting Machines

NS Series is equipped with a high-grade configuration for ultra-high precision and extreme thickness cutting, integrating a number of patented technologies

GS-CE Series is Glorystar’s best-selling model with European quality and is recognized by many customers for its intelligence, efficiency, cost-effective and environmental protection

The GS Series is an entry-level low-power metal laser cutting machine, which is popular with many customers because of its small size, low cost, and simple operation

GS-HG Series is a one-click tool for all types of tube cutting with a zero-tailing function, really achieving zero waste of pipes

GS-CEG series integrates two functions of cutting sheet and tube, which can meet the cutting needs of various sheet metal and tube

GW-H series is small and portable, suitable for welding various metal materials with good welding effect, high quality and low cost.

Why Choose Glorystar Laser

Core Technologies
Glorystar Laser has always insisted on independent innovation and has accumulated more than 200 patents, including 17 invention patents, to provide customers with the best laser application solutions.
Full Certification
Glorystar Laser is the earliest laser cutting machine manufacturer in China with CE, FDA and SGS certifications, and is committed to manufacturing the safest and best quality laser cutting machine.
We have fast assistance to help you with installation. And our after-sales will give you supporting training one by one to help you quickly operate the machines.
International Vision
Our agents are all over the world, and the company’s core team has an international vision. We understand your needs better and can help you achieve your goals faster.

Apply to be a Glorystar partner

As an excellent laser cutting brand, we have a professional and leading technical team, providing the most advanced and best quality products to every customer, we stick to the combination of products and services. Welcome you to join our team for joint development!

The Difference Between Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and CO2 Laser Cutter

Laser cutting refers to the use of a focused high-power-density laser beam to illuminate a workpiece, causing the irradiated material to rapidly melt, vaporize, ablate, or reach a burning point.

The Right Selection of Gas and Pressure for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

How to choose the right gas and pressure for the fiber laser cutter, will be the most comprehensive guide on the subject of how to select the right gas and pressure.

Metal Laser Cutting Machine Laser: Cutting Process Types and Advantages

The laser cutting machine’s mechanical head cutter part has no contact with the workpiece and will not scratch the workpiece surface during work. The laser cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth and flat, and no subsequent processing is required.

Those who choose Glorystar Laser said

  • I am very satisfied with your laser cutting machine. It used to take us 7 days to make one display prop, now it only takes 2 days, it is very productive and saves so much time! I have advised two friends and they are very interested in your machines.
    --Mr Rea.
    An Engineer from Mexico
  • Before buying, the sales manager cleared up my doubts and worked out a very nice laser application solution for me. Even though I met some problems during use, the after-sales engineer quickly solved them for me.
    --Mr Johnson
    An Engineer from USA
  • Your laser cutting machine performs very well, both efficient and stable. The products made by it are very satisfied by customers. It is a good business machine to help our business develop. Because of this, we repurchased twice.
    --Mr Ricci
    A COO from Italy
Contact Our Sales Team
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If you’d like to know more about our machines and policies, Keep in touch with us. We’re on GMT +8 and all emails will be handled within 12 hours.

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