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Pre-sales Service

technical consultation

Technical Consultation

Professional technical consultation, address any questions you may have

Free Samples

Free sample cutting & test service

custom solution

Custom Solutions

Provide laser application solution that meet your budget and performance expectation

Custom Service Process

sales team

After-sales Service



Installation guidance or on-site installation by local service providers


Free Training

Training available, ensure proper use of your machine



1-Yr warranty, exclude lens and other wearing parts, consumables

technical consultation

Technical Consultation

Remote technical support, solve problems such as process parameter adjustment



Troubleshooting, assist you in restoring operations quickly

Parts Supply

Provide original parts supply service

Training Items

Cover, but not limited to the followings. After training by our certified technicians, you will become an expert!

Basic Operation Of The Control System

Routine Maintenance And Upkeep Of The Equipment

Laser Processing Parameter Adjustments

Equipment Startup And Shutdown Procedures

Skills For Replacing Basic Accessories Such As Consumables

Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Repair Service Process

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us as soon as you encounter any issues. Contact us promptly for swift resolution and professional maintenance assistance.

repair service process

About us

Glorystar Laser is leading fiber laser machine supplier in China. We specialize in providing various cutting-edge fiber laser machines, including fiber laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines, and CNC bending machines.

At Glorystar Laser, we are committed to the seamless combination of top-notch products and meticulous customer care. Our experienced professionals are always ready to assist. Contact us now to experience our comprehensive and attentive service!


Installed Machines


Technical Support


Customer Satisfaction


customer service of Glorystar Laser, the metal laser cutting machine manufacturer
R & D Center of Glorystar Laser, the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier
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