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Small Fiber Laser Cutting Machine | GS-1510/3015C | 1500-6000W

This GS-C Series SMALL FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE is designed for cutting small-sized metals, with the working area of 1510 (3′x5′) and 3015 (5′x10′) to choose from. Thanks to its small and compact design, it can save space and cost for you. 

Any small metal sheet cutting project? This machine will provide you with a competitive edge in your industries for its fast speed, high precision, high quality, cost-effective, stable performance, and long lifetime. Now this small fiber laser metal cutting mahine for sale at affordable price.

why choose our small metal laser cutting machine?

High Speed

High Speed

Using industry-leading servo motor, offer high positioning speed of 100m/min (328′/min), fast and smooth movement, help you achieve higher production efficiency and output in a shorter time

unmatched precision

High Precision

Using high-precision ball screws and linear guides, achieving ±0.03mm positional accuracy, and consistent cut quality in continuous production, ideal for precision applications


Space-saver & Cost Saver

Single-platform structure with smaller size, save your workshop space and shipping cost, help to optimize your workspace and reduce operational costs without compromising on performance

low operation cost

Low Operation Cost

Fewer material waste thanks to high-precision cutting with kerf width as low as 0.1mm; few consumables required; maintenance-free

Our fiber laser cutting machine is stable with almost no downtime

Stable Performance

Using an industrial air conditioning system to control the temperature and humidity inside the machine, achieving stable performance even during prolonged use

Our fiber laser cutting machine is easy to use

Easy to Use

Rich software functions and automated control system, easy to learn and operate even for the inexperienced

Product Features

Play Video about small fiber laser cutting machine-front side

energy-efficient laser source

  • 1500-6000W Laser Power Optional , the highest cutting speed can achieve 55m/min(180′/min)
  • With photoelectric conversion rate of up to 30%, saving up to 50% in energy consumption
  • Produce high quality and uniform laser beam, ensuring consistent cutting accuracy and quality without burrs, slag, black edges, and deformation
  • Maintenance-free, up to 100,000 hours of service life

auto-focus cutting head

  • Capable of automatically adjusting the focus position and size for different material types and thicknesses, so that the cutting is always at the optimal focal point, the cutting quality is guaranteed. All of this is achieved through automation rather than manual intervention, significantly increasing production efficiency
  • Collision protection to ensure safe production

advanced control system

  • High-Precision Cutting: Control the focus and output of the laser with great accuracy, ensuring cutting precision.
  • High-Speed Cutting: Rapidly respond to commands, owing flying cutting and fast jump cutting functions, high production efficiency.
  • Rich Feature: Powerful cutting process database, support to adjust various cutting parameters and modes, and cut various materials of different thicknesses.
  • User-Friendly: Clear and easy-to-use interface, easy to learn and master various functions.
  • Additional Optimization Features: Automatic Edge Finding, Compensation, Power Outage Memory.
  • Strong Compatibility and Scalability, Multi-language Support.
With its advanced features and simple controls, our laser cutting machine can easily achieve high-quality results every time. So why wait? Contact us today and get your best small-size metals cutting solution! 

Closed Type Structure

Our small laser metal cutting machine features an enclosed type structure, and it is also equipped with an automatic lifting door and radiation-proof glass. As a benefit, it can protect your operators from harmful laser radiation, they can monitor the cutting process at a a more safer and convenient way

small fiber laser cutting machine-right side
small fiber laser cutting machine with pull-out table

Pull-out Worktable

Rather than having to maneuver materials into place within a fixed workspace, you can simply pull out the worktable to access the material from any angle. It is much easier to load and unload materials, saving time and effort, greatly improving working efficiency.

Powerful Dust Removel System

  • Automatic zoning dust removal, capable to effectively remove dust, debris and smoke during the whole cutting process
  • Safe and environmentally-friendy
  • Reducing the impact of dust, debris and smoke on cutting quality to ensure consistent quality
  • Also, it can reduce the wear on components caused by dust and debris, extending the lifespan of the machine
small fiber laser cutting machine with automatic zooming dust removal system.png
high-strength welded bed

High-strength Welded Bed

One-piece welded bed, made of high-strength profiles, manufactured through precise welding, high-temperature annealing, and gantry milling processing, less internal stress , strudy, durable, long-term use without any deformations, stable, high precision




Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Laser Power


Cutting Thickness

Refer To the Cutting Capabilities Chart

Working Area

1500*1000 (3′x5′)

3000*1500 (5′x10′)

X/Y/Z-axis travel

1550*1050*80mm(5.08′ x 3.44′ x 0.26′)

3050*1550*95mm(10.01′ x 5.08′ x 0.31′)

Positioning Precision


Repeat Positioning Precision


Max.Composite Positioning Speed

100m/min (328′/min)

Max Acceleration


Kerf Width


Kerf Roughness


Overall Dimension



Power Demand


Total Power Supply Protection Level


Fiber Laser Source


CNC System

FSCUT System

Transmission Method

Dual-Drive Rack and Pinion

Stainless Steel1-6mm
Carbon Steel1-16mm

Material Applications:

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Mild Steel
  3. Carbon Steel
  4. Aluminum
  5. Copper
  6. Brass
  7. Bronze
  8. Alloy Steel
  9. Galvanized Steel
  10. Titanium
  11. Nickel Alloys

Industry Applications:

  1. Automotive
  2. Aerospace
  3. Manufacturing & Heavy Industry
  4. Medical Devices
  5. Energy & Power Generation
  6. Shipbuilding
  7. Electronics
  8. Construction
  9. Jewelry Making
  10. Military & Defense
  11. Oil & Gas
  12. Consumer Goods
  13. Food Processing Equipment Manufacturing
  14. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
  15. Railways

This list highlights the materials and industries that can benefit from our machine. For cutting solution on specific applications, welcome to contact us.

What’s your cutting project?

Tell us what kind of material you need to cut and how thick, and other demands, we will give you the best solution and help you succeed.

Cutting Samples

stainless steel gear cut by fiber laser cutting machine
laser cutting brass sample
laser cutting carbon steel sample

Service & Support

Free Sample Cutting Service

We provide a free sample cutting&test service. You only need to send us the CAD file, and we will arrange it for you as soon as possible and send you all the videos to show you the cutting process and results.

solution customization service

Cutting Solution Customization Service

We will customize your most suitable laser cutting solution according to your processing needs. Getting a laser solution from Glorystar Laser is always efficient and cost-effective.

free training service

Free Training & Guidance Service

We provide free training services, and our certified technicians will provide you with the most professional guidance to help you use your laser cutting machine and get into production as soon as possible.

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