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Custom Square Tube Laser Cutting Solution

We offer complete square tube laser cutting solutions, including 2D and 3D cutting options. Our tube laser cutting machines have a wide range of applications. They cut square tubes from 10mm to 360mm sides, up to 12m length, and handle tubes up to 1600kg. Various metal materials can be cut, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

Whatever your application is, we have a square tube laser cutting solution that works best for your needs. Explore how we can assist you with your square tube laser cutting requirements!

2D Cutting Options

Economic Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine with Two-chucks

VS-TG Economic Two-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The most economic solution to enter the square tube laser cutting world, can cut square tubes with side from 10mm to 250mm, within 6m in length

high speed tube laser cutting machine

GS-TG Two-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine with Auto Unloading 1KW-6KW

Cut square tubes with side from 15mm to 220mm, 6m and 9m working area optional, automatic unloading, short tails cutting

Glorystar Three-chuck Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

GS-HG Three-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine with Auto Unloading 1KW-6KW

Cut square tubes with side from 15mm to 240mm, within 6m in length, 0 tail cutting, 100% material utilization, saving material costs

3D Cutting Options

ns-tg 3d tube laser cutting machine

NS-TG Two-chuck 3D Tube Laser Cutting Machine 1KW-6KW

Cut square tubes with side from 15mm to 250mm, within 6m in length, 3D cutting mode for bevel cutting, servo unloading, saving larbor cost

NAVSTAR Three-chuck Heavy-duty Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

NS-HG Three-chuck 3D Heavy Tube Laser Cutting Machine 3KW-12KW

Designed for cutting heavy square tubes, with side from 30mm to 360mm, within 12m in length and 1600kg in weight, 0 tail cutting, support whole heavy pipe cutting

Advantages of Square Tube Laser Cutting Machine

optimize your production process

Optimize Production Process

One machine can complete multiple operations, such as cutting, punching, and engraving on square tubes, reducing processing steps



High level of automation, high processing efficiency, less manual intervention, reducing manpower input by 90%



The pass rate is 100%, and the excellent splicing process provides convenience for subsequent bending and welding processes

The Highest Standards of Chucks in the Industry - Front and Rear Chuck

Highest Standard Chuck

All of our square tube laser cutting machines use the highest standard chucks in the industry, strong stability, high speed and best precision, suitable for all sizes of square tubes. We offer both two-chuck and three-chuck options: 

  • Two-chuck: Less investment, short tails cutting
  • Three-chuck: Automatic straightening of thin square tubes, 0 tail cutting, no waste of square tubes, material-saver

0 Tail Cutting Technology

0 tail cutting technology, also called 0 waste cutting technology, is our unique technology. 

Unlike other manufacturers that require more than 4 chucks, it does so for only 3 chucks, meaning that you don’t need to invest more to maximize material utilization.

For your upcoming square tube laser cutting project, choose our three chuck laser tube cutting machine for cost savings and increased profitability!

Automatic Solution

We know your needs for increased production efficiency and reduced manpower input. We offer both semi automatic and fully automatic options to help you save labor cost and improve working efficiency.

  • Fully Automatic Solution:
    Fully automatic feeding for the entire bundle of square tubes, automatic measure the length of squares tube, intelligent feeding, almost no manual intervention, high level of automation, high working efficiency
  • Semi Automatic Solution:
    Auxiliary feeding, reduce manual fatigue, increasing productivity


Why Choose Glorystar to Customize Your Solution

square tube laser cutting machine in Glorystar factory
3d square tube laser cutting

Glorystar Laser is a leading tube laser cutting machine supplier in China. Over nearly 20 years in the business, we have provided reliable square tube laser cutting solutions for many industries, owning rich application experience. 

We will deliver complete solution according to your applications and needs. And will provide sufficient cutting capacity and performance while staying within your budget.

Our machines conform to the strictest quality requirements, including ISO, CE and FDA standards.

Good service is just as important as good products. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including pre-sales consultation, customized solutions for square tube laser cutting, installation, training, a 1-year warranty, lifetime technical support, and more.

Depend on Glorystar anytime you need tube laser cutting machine for your square tube business. Contact us now!

Square Tube Laser Cutting Show

Laser Cutting of Stainless Steel Square Tube

This video shows laser cutting stainless steel square tube process and its ubsequent welding process. 

As shown in the video, the cutting edges are precise, clean and burr-free. From cutting to welding, the production process is efficient, smooth and seamless.

Invest in our tube laser cutting machines for your square tube cutting projects, experience the benefits of our advanced fiber laser technology and optimized procedures.

Square Tube Laser Cutting Machine for Different Industries

Steel frame of a building


For construction industry, our square tube laser cutting machine can provide precise and high-quality cuts for the production of frame, column, beam, railing, handrail, steel structure and other structures made from square tube.

Auto Parts

Our tube laser cutting machine can be used in the auto parts manufacturing industry to produce the chassis structure and body frame made of metal square tubes. The cut car parts have precise dimensions and flawless surfaces, the safety and performance of the car is guaranteed.

metal furniture manufacturing

Metal Furniture

For metal furniture manufacturing industry to create furniture frames and supports made from metal square tubes, we can provide reliable cutting equipment. With high cutting precision and quality edges, the cut metal furnitures are stable and durable.

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