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Super High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine | NS-CE Series | 15000-40000W

With laser power options of 15kw, 20kw, 30kw and 40kw, our high power laser cutter can effortlessly cut through and perforate thick metal plates up to 100mm (3.94″). Additionally, with a Z-axis of 460mm (18.11″), it can perforate square tubes up to 400mm (15.75″). With a cutting area of up to 12000*2500mm (39.37x 8.2 ft), you’ll have plenty of space to work with.

 With its unparalleled speed and precision, you’ll be able to complete your projects in record time. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose our super high power laser cutter for all your metal cutting needs!


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why choose our High Power laser cutter?

high speed cutting

Increased Cutting Speed

15000-40000W Laser Power Optional, able to cut through thicker metal sheets at a faster rate of up to 65m/min (213′/min), enabling you to achieve higher production efficiency and output in a shorter time

high positioning speed

High Positioning Speed

Whole machine uses industry-leading servo motors, providing high positioning speed of 126m/min (413′/min) and acceleration of 2G, achieving faster movement and improved working efficiency

high quality cutting

Increased Cutting Quality

Our machine offers precise cuts and high-quality results. The cutting surface is smooth, flat, and without obvious burrs, reducing the need for post-processing



This super high power laser cutter is certified with CE, FDA, and ISO, ensuring that it meets the highest quality and
safety standards.


Intelligent Maintenance

Our machine is maintenance-free thanks to its automatic lubrication and intelligent air pressure monitoring system, it always operates at its best, you can focus on your opeations and business instead of stopping to maintain

enough safe


With the intelligent collision detection system, the machine automatically stops if any potential collisions occur. The enclosed structure prevents hazardous debris, fumes, and radiation from escaping, thus protecting the safety of workers.

Product Features

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energy-efficient laser source

  • Laser Power: 15000-40000W Optional, High-power Output, Fast and Efficient Cutting
  • Concentrated Energy, Good Quality Laser Beam, ensuring precise and smooth cutting rusults
  • High photoelectric conversion rate of up to 30%, efficiently converting electrical energy into laser energy, saving up to 50% in energy consumption, lowering operational costs
  • Maintenance-free, up to 100,000 hours of service life

auto-focus cutting head

  • Automatic focus ensures optimal cutting position for different materials and thicknesses, achieving high efficiency and cutting quality without manual intervention
  • Collision Protection, Durable, Long Service Life and Low Maintenance Costs

advanced control system

  • Super Piercing Function:
    –Multiple piercing solutions for metal sheet of different thickness, especially for thicker materials or high-volume cutting tasks
    –Quick penetration through various materials, perforation efficiency increased by 45%
    –Piercing slags removal, improving cutting quality and reducing secondary processing
  • Find Edge: up to 500mm/s high speed with precision find sheet edge, also provie optional find edge patterns to meet your production needs.
  • High-Precision Cutting:Focus correction, ensuring the laser beam at the right position and size, improving the cutting quality and precision
  • Cost-saver:
    –Capture remnant sheet to reuse the material, reduced material waste
    –Digital monitoring with Laser Cloud and MES access prevents malfunctions, reduces downtime, and lowers maintenance costs
  • User-friendly: Easy operation with guided and visualized interface

Don’t miss out this opportunity to increase your efficiency and quality. Invest in our machine today and take your business to the next level!

Patent Hollow Double Bed Frame

  • Hollow bed design: free of connections inside, minimizes heat transfer and eliminates any risk of compromising your cutting accuracy.
  • Revolutionary double bed frame: The inner and outer beds are designed to independently bear weight, providing unmatched weight capacity of up to 24 tons. The bed won’t deform even with prolonged use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliable use for decades to come.
patent hollow double bed frame
Automatic Zoning Dust Removal System

Automatic Zoning Dust Removal System

Our machine features 30 dust removal zones, which work seamlessly to remove dust and smoke, so that it maintain a dust-free, clean and safe work environment

As an added benefit, it protects the machine components from dust pollution, extending the machine lifetime and ensuring optimal cutting conditions every time

Full Servo Control System

Experience unmatched cutting precision with our innovative full servo control system. This advanced technology enables digital positioning, ensuring unparalleled accuracy that eliminates the risk of costly errors and delivers outstanding results every time.

But that’s not all. Our system also boosts the traction force of the worktable, providing maximum stability and minimal downtime for increased productivity. 

full servo control system
Fast Exchange Workbench

Fast Exchange Worktable

Thanks to the automatic exchange table, you can load and unload materials while cutting. And the exchange is fast, it only takes 20s to complete one, help to accelerate the material flow during loading and unloading, save time and increase efficiency.

It is worth noting that the upper and the lower table is driven by different servo motors, the cutting precision of the upper worktable will not be affected by any vibrations caused by loading on the lower worktable, and vice versa, ensuring the highest level of precision in all your cutting operations.

Industrial Air Conditioning System

Capable of controlling the temperature and humidity inside the machine, there is no need to equip an air-conditioned room for the machine. 

This achieves stable performance even during prolonged use and protects the service life of the machine and electrical components

Industrial Air Conditioning







Working Area











Laser Power


X-axis Travel

2050mm (6.73′)

2050mm (6.73′)

2550mm (8.37′)

2550mm (8.37′)

2550mm (8.37′)

Y-axis Travel

4050mm (13.29′)

6050mm (19.85′)

6050mm (19.85′)

8050mm (26.41′)

12050mm (39.53′)

Z-axis Travel

460mm (1.5′)

460mm (1.5′)

460mm (1.5′)

460mm (1.5′)

460mm (1.5′)

Positioning Precision


Repeat Positioning Precision


Max.Composite Positioning Speed

126m/min (413′/min)

Max Acceleration


Overall Dimension











Stainless Steel1-50mm (3/64-1.97″)1-60mm (3/64-2.36″)1-80mm (3/64-3.15″)1-100mm (3/64-3.94″)
Aluminum1-45m (3/64-1.77″)1-50m (3/64-1.97″)1-60mm  (3/64-2.36″)1-80mm (3/64-3.15″)
Carbon Steel1-50mm (3/64-1.97″)1-60mm (3/64-2.36″)1-80mm (3/64-3.15″)1-100mm (3/64-3.94″)
Brass1-25mm (3/64-63/64″)1-30mm (3/64-1.18″)1-30mm (3/64-1.18″)/

Material Applications:

Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum,  Copper, Brass, Bronze, Alloy Steel, Galvanized Steel, Titanium, Nickel Alloys, and more.

Industry Applications:

Manufacturing & Heavy Industry, Shipbuilding, Steel Structure Construction, Bridge Manufacturing, Aerospace, Military & Defense, New energy and Battery Manufacturing, Automotive, Medical Devices, Energy & Power Generation, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Machinery Manufacturing, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), Railways, and more.

The materials and industries abovementioned can benefit from our machine. For cutting solution on specific applications, welcome to contact us.

What’s your cutting project?

Tell us what kind of material you need to cut and how thick, and other demands, we will give you the best solution and help you succeed.

Cutting Samples

100mm carbon steel cut by 40000w fiber laser cutting machine
brass cutting sample

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