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UV Laser Marking Machine 3-15W | GM-U Series

You might have noticed that existing marking methods fail to meet your ultra-fine marking needs. They can even lead to issues like unclear markings, lower production efficiency, and material damage. 

This is where our UV laser marking machine comes into play. It allows you to perform ultra-fine marking on small components, boosting production efficiency while ensuring product traceability and quality.

What can you do with our machine?

This laser marking machine is powered by a high-quality UV laser with a wavelength of 355 nm. 

Thanks to its short wavelength and high energy, it is suitable for marking a wide range of materials, including plastics, ceramics, glass, coatings, as well as common insulating materials like PCB and FPC, semiconductor materials, and other specialized materials. 

But that’ not all, it offers exceptional accuracy and resolution, making your markings clear and easily identifiable.

uv laser marking machine with unltra-fine beam
Ultra-fine Marking
Our UV laser marker often impresses its ultra-fine beam, making it best choice for applications that demand extremely high precision and clarity.

It can not only achieve characters as small as 0.15mm but also effortlessly create highly complex patterns that are challenging for others to copy.
high speed

01/ Fast

It can mark at speeds of up to 7000 mm/s, assisting you in quickly completing large-scale ultra-fine marking tasks, saving you valuable time and costs.



Our machine uses advanced UV laser tech with high energy efficiency, so you can save on production costs and boost your profits.

easy to use


From content import to creative output, our UV laser marker streamlines the process into a few simple steps with user-friendly software.

Technical Parameters



Laser Type


Laser Power

3-15W Optional

Max. Marking Speed


Marking Range


Min.Line Width


Min.Character Size






uv laser marking machine right side

Witness Our Marking Quality

uv laser marking in watch industry
uv laser marking mobile phone charger
uv laser marking sample
uv laser marking plastic housing and PCB
uv laser marking relay housing and earphone

Efficient assistant in various industries

uv laser marking application in electronics industry

electronics industry

In the electronics industry, UV laser marking machines are commonly used to mark tiny electronic components, integrated circuits (ICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), and various electronic products, like mobile phones, tablets, computers, televisions, and audio equipment, as well as their packaging. 

Regardless of how small these parts may be, UV laser markers excel in providing high-precision marking solutions, ensuring the traceability of various electronic components.

uv laser marking application in medical industry

medical industry

UV laser marking machine plays a crucial role in the medical field. It allows for high-precise, long-lasting, and clear markings on surgical tools, medical equipment, packaging for medicines, and medicine bottle. 

These markings won’t fade or get damaged, even in specific medical conditions. This ensures that the medications and equipment can be traced, comply with regulations, and stay safe, all of which are essential for patient safety and the reliability of the medical system.

uv laser marking application in automobile manufacturing industry

automotive manufacturing industry

UV laser marking machines are widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry. They can be used to mark manufacturers’ information, production dates, batch numbers, and other details on various components and parts of automobiles, including engine parts, chassis, body components, electronic control units (ECUs), sensors, automotive glass, interior decorations, and more.

 This assists in identifying and tracing problematic components and vehicles, preventing counterfeiting, and finally enhancing the quality and reliability of automobiles.

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