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GW-H Series Handheld Laser Welding Machine

GW-A Series Robot Laser Welding Machine

handheld laser welding machine for sale

GW-H series is small and portable, suitable for welding various metal materials with good welding effect, high quality, and low cost

automatic laser welding machine

GW-A Series is equipped with high-performance laser welding head, high-definition CCD vision system and world-class brand robots. Flexible welding methods and configurations fully meet the need of high-quality welding

You might ask the following questions:

What materials can your laser welding machine weld?

Our laser welding machine includes two types of laser welding machines, are GSW-FH Series Handheld Laser Cutting Machine and GS-RB Series Robot Laser Welding System with a wide range of welding that can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, copper, and other metal materials.

And they also handle thick, thin, and different thickness combinations of various reflective metals and even welds dissimilar metals of different electrical conductivity, especially the GS-RB series, which perform very well in the welding of special-shaped products. Leave a message and tell us the material you need to process! We will give you the best laser application solution.

How about the welding effect of your laser welding machine?

Very well. The materials will be formed only once with easy operation and high welding efficiency, secondary processing is not required. Leave a message and tell us the material you need to process! We can provide you with a proofing service.

How about the welding speed of your laser welding machine?

Compared with traditional welding, our laser welding machine is up to four times faster with high welding quality

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