Máy cắt laser kim loại nền đơn Dòng GS - Glorystar Laser

Glorystar Open Type Metal Laser Cutting Machine 1000-3000W | GS Series 

About Glorystar Open Type Metal Laser Cutting Machine FAQs:

How can I select the suitable laser metal cutting machine for me?

You need to know which materials you need to cut, and what material sizes need to handle?

If you need our advice to help you to select, please feel free to contact us, our professional sales manager will help you.

What are the fiber laser metal cutting machine auxiliary gases?

Gas choices include Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, etc.  Each type of gas the mainly suitable using materials are different, want more information, you can check this post: The Right Selection of Gas and Pressure for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.

Do you offer local installtion services?

Yes,  we can provide door-to-door services, and also we have professional after-sales engineers for online services.

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